The Functional Areas of the Department

  1. Agriculture Statistics
    • Rainfall and seasonal conditions
    • Area Statistics
    • Timely Reporting of Agricultural Statistics
    • Crop Estimation Survey
    • Village Insurance Scheme
  2. Industrial Statistics
      • Annual Survey of Industries
      • Index of Industrial Statistics
      • Business Register
  3. Price Statistics
    • Daily Retail Prices of 6 essential commodities
    • Weekly retail prices of 30 essential commodities
    • Daily wages of Agricultural labour and non-agricultural labour
    • Wholesale prices of Livestock and Livestock products and feed
    • Wholesale prices on 40 principle agricultural commodities
    • Prices of Building material and wage rates of construction labour
    • Consumer price index numbers for industrial workers (CPI-IW)
  4. State Economy
    • Gross State Domestic Product
    • Regional Accounts
  5. Social Statistics
  6. Socio Economic Surveys
  7. Statistics for Local Area Planning

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