To conduct Hydro-geological, Geophysical and Hydrological surveys for locating Open well, Bore well, Tube well and Filter point sites to the farmers community.

Services Provided:

  1. Special studies for Environmental clearance for Sand reaches, TS- iPASS
  2. Studies for Conservation and artificial recharge of Groundwater by watershed development methods.
  3. Monitoring Groundwater levels and quality, through Hydrographic network of piezometers for shallow and Deeper aquifers in time and space.
  4. Estimation of Groundwater resources adopting GEC-2015 methodology.
  5. Drilling of exploratory Bore wells and Tube wells in the lands of SC, STs and on deposit works.
  6. The successful Bore wells / Tube wells handed over to respective agencies for energisation.
  7. The department actively involved in implementation of WALTA-2002 & 2004 to regulate the construction of new wells.
  8. Groundwater awareness programmes in over exploited villages and suggesting on effective utilization, conservation through artificial recharge structures, management etc.,

New Implementations in the district:

           Proposed for construction of 19 Additional Piezometers for monitoring of ground water levels in our District