Bhupalpally Efresh

Publish Date : 24/04/2020

District Collector Mohammed Abdul Azeem said the Bhupalpally e-Fresh program will supply essential commodities by mobile van.

District Collector Mohammed Abdul Azeem, in association with Hyderabad-based Ciplizet Technology, said that this was the first Fresh Essential Freight Program in the town of Bhupalpally, taking orders online by phone  and delivering essential items at home.

The public can make their orders by calling to this number 9133369990, the orders will be received on the next day and the priority will be given to the Containment Zone.  Similarly, the people of Bhupalpally town have taken advantage of this and called for the supply of essential commodities at home, so that they can take orders from the people in different parts of the city.

Make your Order : 9133369990